Touched by a Butterfly

Touched by a Butterfly

Hello crafter! I know you’re looking for information about crafting or searching for gift ideas for a special someone. And I’m glad you’re hopping through my website. I am Amanda and welcome to my Touched by a Butterfly website.

At first, I was just enjoying making paper crafts at home. I do plenty of decorations, school supplies and even furniture made of newspaper and card stocks. It was fun doing all those things in my own garage. If you want to stop by, I will welcome you with a smile on my face. Behind a pastel green luxury garage door in Tucson, I build a space for my favorite things. There are handmade crafts stored inside my garage, feel free to purchase them.

Touched by a Butterfly is a website that focuses on paper crafting tutorials and sharing DIY ideas. You can also purchase my handmade crafts here as well. I feature lots of ideas, step-by-step tutorials along with hundreds of printable patterns and designs. My readers love my offer of a variety of paper crafts. You can check my weekly projects posted on my blogs such as quilting, card crafts and invitation making for all occasions. From home decors, to gift ideas, techniques and everything in between, I sure have it all. My goal is to share my ideas and creations to every crafter, make friends and to inspire others to do such artsy hobbies and have fun with it.

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To purchase my handmade crafts, kindly visit my place or purchase right here. It can be yours through delivery or I can meet you up if you’re in the same or nearby area where I live. Find out what my previous and recent posts on my blog. Visit my forum section as well, join others and make friends.

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