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Hello everyone! I attended the wedding ceremony of my cousin last month. Before the wedding, I wondered about what to give them as a special gift – something that they will definitely treasure for the rest of their life. So after the wedding, I stole some things from the wedding venue, from the invitation, to flowers, to the table napkin (please don’t judge me) to possibly create a good one. And when it’s done, it was totally crap.

At first, I pictured a good image of a scrapbook on my mind, but I messed it up. Can somebody help me how to do it or where can I get a great idea for this. I really want this wedding scrapbook done and give to them as a gift. Thank you in advance. —Dara

Not sure if you’ve already visited this site but this website is exactly you are looking for. Amanda has a lot of scrapbooks created here including one for a wedding. If you want to see all of it, try to browse through her website. There’s a lot of crafts posted on her blog. It will help you from doing not only wedding scrapbooks but everything about paper crafts. —Erin

Thanks, I’ll have to take a look at her blogs. I’m hoping for a step-by-step tutorial. —Dara

Oh yeah, she has tutorials too! —Erin